Monday, 30 August 2010


My final days as a student at the Hedion University's Central Campus on planet Alpha were drawing to a close like a long and hot Amarrian summer. I could sense that a new adventure was about to begin, well made plans that had been mused over for months were about to be put into action. I looked up into the sky, the traffic was quiet for this time in the morning, a lone Bestower rumbled overhead like a lumbering beast. I looked over at my Impairor and smiled.

I was about to leave behind my fellow capsuleer students, friendships that were strong would soon be broken by the sheer distance of a billion stars and many, many jump gates. It was with a heavy heart that I said goodbye to one of the guest teachers here at Hedion. Romeo Blakstorm had taught me many things during my time here and he was the only teacher who knew my plans for the future. I had studied his dark and notorious background, taken in every detail of what life among the pirates would entail and I now felt that I was ready for a life of crime, a life away from the religious zeal that had been drilled into me.

I prepared myself for pod immersion and set my navigation systems to the fabled Jita solar system. This would be quite a shock to the system, after all I had never left the system of Hedion before today. I nervously approached the exit gate and requested permission to jump.

The journey was about to begin . . . .